How Net-Tell LLC Saves Customers Money

February 20, 2020
There really isn’t much difference between Net-Tell LLC and your local phone company, from your perspective as a telephone customer. You can use the same landline phone you have always used. The only difference is, instead of plugging it into a standard wall jack and using a hardware phone line, you connect it to your broadband router, so the calls are routed over the Internet. Whenever you call your family or friends or business associates or co-workers, no one will see a difference at all. The only one who will know there’s a difference is you, especially when you get the lower bill every month.

With any broadband Internet connection, there will be no real difference in call quality when you use Net-Tell LLC as your home phone service. Not only that, but you will have a lot of neat features at your fingertips, including some that many phone companies charge extra for, if they’re available at all. You also get unlimited minutes with no domestic long distance calling charges, as well as low rates on international calls. Net-Tell LLC customers also get one of the best enhanced voicemail services anywhere, as well as three-way calling, conference calling and other features that could seem like the best phone experience ever, even at such a low price.

High Quality and Low Price: Nett-Tell LLC

February 27, 2017
Perhaps you are one of those rare folks who doesn’t care about saving hundreds of dollars per year on home phone service. If so, good for you. Most of us, however, would like to save lots of money on things we need and Net-Tell LLC could be your best bet. Their home phone service saves itself and its customers money by routing all calls over the Internet, rather than a standard high maintenance phone line. You won’t notice the difference in any way; you even use the same landline phone.

Actually, you will notice the lower bill every month. Net-Tell LLC service comes with unlimited domestic calling with no long distance charges. It also comes with low international calling rates and a lot of features that many phone companies either don’t have, or will charge a fee for. Among the most popular include Caller ID service for all incoming calls, as well as many free feature that could make Net-Tell the best phone experience you have ever had, which is why you may tell those you call about them, after all.

Managing Net-Tell’s features

August 31, 2016
Most phone service providers charge extra dollars for added features such as three-way calling and caller ID. Those features are frequently difficult to manage and require a customer service representative for adding new abilities or disconnecting ones that are invaluable. With Net-Tell LLC, a superior VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) calling option utilizing a converter and internet connection, users gain free, basic and advanced features that most conventional phone companies charge for or simply do not provide. From do not disturb and anonymous call rejection to international call blocking, music on hold, call forwarding and web-based voicemail management, dozens of features are available for inbound and outbound calling. All features can be managed online as well with Net-Tell LLC for an easier user experience.